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Starbucks Is Paying Their Workers For The Next 30 Days Whether They Show Up To Work Or Not

CEO and President of Starbucks Kevin Johnson announced that the company will continue to pay all partners for the next 30 days regardless of whether they come into work

(if I worked at Starbucks)

Oh but wait! There's more in the fine print:

The service grants partners who are able and choose to come to work an additional $3 per hour for scheduled shifts through April 19.

Okay so you can either come into work and make $3 an hour more per shift.....or you can sit on your couch for the next month and still get paid in full. Let me redo my opening statement:

(me if I worked at Starbucks)

Look there's no doubt that this is an incredibly thoughtful move out of the Starbucks CEO amidst this global pandemic where people are losing their jobs by the thousands, and that's nothing to make fun of. But the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of workers at my local Starbucks are high school and college-aged students. I don't see many fathers of three behind the counter adding pumps of mocha into my venti to try and provide for their families. And if there are, great. $3 an hour more is an added bonus for them during this time of need. But I can also say with 100% confidence that if you offered 18 year old Tate the two options of working and not working , his ass would've been on the couch yesterday. I'd have been playing Madden 10 all day telling everyone who would listen that I was sponsored, because Starbucks was literally paying me to do it. And honestly, 27 year old Tate would be no different right now either. I'd be the first person to call off in the entire company, nation wide. I'd have called off before I even finished reading the memo from the CEO. Mark me down for the next 30 days, too. Full pay for no work? YES PLEASE.

And I'm sure that's not going to change in the next 50 years of my life either. If you're willing to pay me to do nothing, then that's the route I'm going to take every single time. So to all of you out there Googling and reading books on how to start earning passive income, look no further than working at Starbucks. "Making money with little to no effort" is literally their definition for the next 30 days. 

I literally cannot believe this is a thing. I understand not counting sick days during the pandemic. I understand raising the hourly wage since most people don't want to be outside their home right now. But I cannot comprehend giving this offer to a company made up of younger people that have shown partying on the beach is more important to them than social distancing. This is nothing more than a 30 day paid vacation and then back to work in late April for them. It's not like you'll get behind and need to catch up when you get back. You literally can stop working for 30 days and get paid in full with zero consequences. And yeah, I'm sure there are better, more ethical people than me out there that aren't taking advantage of this offer because it was so kind and generous and thoughtful of the CEO, and kudos to them. Work hard out there today, guys.