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Wake Up With Giancarlo Stanton Hitting A 510 Foot Bomb In The Home Run Derby

Remember the good old days where Giancarlo Stanton would smoke balls 500+ feet? Back in 2014, Stanton only hit 6 homers in the first round before getting a bye into the third round,where he would eventually hit 0 (!!!!!) homers. 0!!!! But before he put the goose egg up, he sent some balls into orbit. He had a couple 400 footers, and then came probably the closest anyones ever come to hitting a ball out of the Twins park. He deposited one 510 feet away, but shout out to stat cast for saying it was only 422 feet lol. No way that was 422, for sure closer to 600 feet than 400. Just look at where that ball landed, 10 rows from the VERY TOP of the stadium? Crazy power for Giancarlo. I just can't get over how disrespectful that 422 marker is. Even in a home run derby you don't expect to get a ball up there, but I guess when old school Stanton was at the plate, anything could happen.