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Mike Francesa Not Knowing His Mic Is Broadcasting Him Around His House Is the Content We Need Right Now

Now *this* is how you get people to pay for your app, Mike.

I have no idea if this was intentional or not — with Mike Francesa, I believe it is genuinely an accident but in the age of social media, you can never really know — but this is far more entertaining than any show Francesa has done in years. I would absolutely pay whatever ridiculous price he's charging for his app if I could listen to every call he had with a customer service agent or just listen to him talk with his friends while watching TV.

There's something about hearing Mike Francesa pop open a Diet Coke while he's unknowingly broadcasting live that is just golden. The guy just has an energy about him that makes me want to listen to him do everyday things far more than I want to hear him discuss the Yankees' June 13 lineup with Christopher from Staten Island for three hours.

I'm shocked it took this long into the coronavirus quarantine for Francesa to leave his mic on. It's actually pretty impressive he made it into Week 2.

But as Big Action Bill pointed out, this isn't much different than what Mike usually does, anyway. Nothing will ever top the time he just counted to 40 live on air. The guy is an electric factory.