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Reader Email: Does doing card tricks at Spider Kelly's get this Fedora-wearing guy laid?

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Hey Nate! Long time no talk. It seems that you’ve gotten a little more popular since we hung out on the internet the last few times, so I hope you haven’t forgotten your boy Haterade1!!!

Anyway, I’m at Spider Kelly’s last night and I notice this hipster dweeb doing card tricks. At first I thought he was just playing a drinking game with his friends, but then I noticed that people started to walk away from him after a while. As soon as everyone had left and he was by himself, without hesitation, he would walk to the closest group of girls and start doing more card tricks. He would even go up to two girls who were with three or four guys, completely ignore and cuckold the guys, and start doing card tricks for the girls. I watched this happen on at least 6 groups of girls for two straight hours last night until I dipped out. My question is, does doing card tricks at Spider Kelly’s get this Fedora-wearing guy laid?



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First of all, shout out to OG DMV commenter Haterade1! Killing it at Spider Kelly’s, as usual. Probably there with his best 5, waiting for hooligans to challenge him and his crew so he can send them all home with wedgies.

As for does this guy get laid? Uhhh, yea Harry, he does. Guy has the confidence of a George Clooney if George Clooney could increase his confidence level a bit. Fedora bro knows what he’s doing. Girls go to Spider Kelly’s for one reason and one reason only- to play pool and to get laid. And girls suck at pool, but it makes their asses look good. I’ve done the research by sitting alone in the corner watching hanging out there with my friends. So yes, Fedora homie does get laid and he gets laid early and often and twice at midnight. I would not want to see his best 5, I’d give myself a wedgie just to get it over with.