Click Here And Scroll Through Hateful Reactions To The LA Rams Logo

In my expert opinion I agree with those above that it looks too similar to the Chargers logo, seems like a kid made it in computer lab on the 1996 edition of WordArt, and the hats are bad. Like bad, bad. When I look at it I see two old toenail clippings curving over each other.

I think I speak for everyone when I say I think they should do some sort of retro vibe reminiscent of all those LA Gear stretch-pants I wore as a kid. That mixed with GTA vibes. I want to look at the logo and think, "palm trees! neon signs! stars! hollywood! ocean! ladies of the night that get classy in the only city where that's possible in this way!!!' Here's my vision board:

If the graphics folks at the Rams don't hear me out on this it will be a big mistake. Huge

Ok, back to you real sports people.