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Maryland Baseball May Have Lost The ACC Championship, But Bat Dog Stole The Show


Pure, unmitigated awesome. What have those spoiled little kids ever done to deserve the status of bat boy? Nothing, that’s what. They just pick their own boogies and smile for the camera. For god’s sake we might’ve lost one if it weren’t for JT Snow in ’02. Bat boys should’ve been cut right then and there. No need for them, canines have got it covered. Should’ve been on the bat dog train 12 years ago, but better late than never.


And by the way, big kudos to Maryland baseball making some noise in the ACC this year. To say they’ve been one of the least heralded teams in the athletic program over the years is an understatement. It’s been a pleasure to watch them make their first NCAA Tournament since 1971, and they almost took the ACC Title on their way out the door too. They’ll face Old Dominion in the first round on Friday, and have a pretty good shot at taking down host South Carolina too. With a pair of stud starting pitchers and a balanced offensive attack, don’t be shocked if you see them earn a bid to Super Regionals.


Regardless, need more bat dog cam.


h/t ACC Network