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Would Blowing A Hair Dryer Up Your Nose Cure Coronavirus? A Florida County Commissioner Says It Just Might

See, Florida? This is why the whole country got so mad at you when you were all at the beaches and bars last weekend. This is why we were disappointed everything stayed open for the spring breakers. Florida has our best and brightest minds and we need to do all we can to protect them. What if this commissioner got sick and couldn't make this meeting? We'd have no idea that shoving a Dyson up your nostril or putting your face in a vat of boiling water would kill the coronavirus, and humanity would be lost.

You know what's infuriating about stuff like this though? It highlights my ignorance because I can't debate him. I know it's stupid, but I'm not smart enough to know why it's stupid. Like to me, this all checks out. Virus dies at 136 degrees Fahrenheit? And a blow dyer to your nose will get your nose that hot? My only argument against it is "that would look ridiculous." That's all I've got. I'm purely superficial when it comes to arguments about medicine, all I've got in my bag is "I'd look like an asshole so no way that works." 

Nevertheless, I'm gonna go with this guy and trust that his "this is so dumb I've gotta put my face in my hands even though I know I'm not supposed to be touching my face. Hopefully I just die so I don't have to hear another word of this nonsense" reaction.

PS - You knew this was going to an interesting place as soon as he started with, "Being in the medical field as I was, as a paramedic." I have absolutely nothing against paramedics. They're first responders and heroes and the whole shebang. But I'm not sure I'd call a paramedic for their take on how to handle the outbreak of a brand new infectious disease. Maybe I'm wrong, who knows, that's just what my gut says. Feel like a good paramedic would say "you should call a doctor" not brag that they were a paramedic.