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Now That The 2020 Olympics Are Postponed, Let's Get Floorball Into The Games Whenever They're Rescheduled

So Dick Pound just lived up to his name and took the 2020 Summer Olympics to PoundTown. I'm more of a winter olympics guy myself but I'm still a firm believer that any olympics are better than no olympics. I'm not the biggest swimming guy in the world but I'll gladly get way too into it once every 4 years. Plus this year's Olympics were going to be super kick ass with surfing and skateboarding now being Olympic sports. So it sucks for sure. 

But in this current situation we're all living through, it's important to remain positive and optimistic. Gotta look at the bright side of things or else we'll all drive ourselves certifiably insane by the time this is all over with. So if there's any way possible that the summer games being postponed will give the IOC enough time to realize they've made the biggest goddamn mistake of their lives by continuing to keep floorball out of the Olympics, well then I'm all for Dicky P mollywhopping that pause button right now. 

In case somehow you've managed to live your entire life without seeing floorball before, it's essentially the same thing as your standard floor hockey game except for the fact that it's about forty billion times saucier. The blades on the stick are plastic and grooved so you can easily scoop the ball up onto your stick. It's really just a non-stop SauceFest out there. 

Dirty fuckin' dangles, boys! 

It really doesn't make much sense that floorball hasn't been in the Olympics to begin with. I mean the Olympics are pretty much ESPN8 The Ocho if you really think about it. There are so many weird European sports that you completely forget about until they're on tv once every 4 years at the games. It honestly feels like maybe Dick Pound and the rest of the IOC just accidentally left floorball off the list. And now they have the chance to right their wrongs without having to wait another full 4 years until the next summer games. Whenever they decide to play the 2020 Tokyo Games, just find a way to sneak floorball into the mix. Give us the sauce, Dick Pound. I am begging you for the sauce. 

P.S. - This blog started with that clip from Pavel Barber who has been putting an absolute BEATDOWN on this quarantine so far. This filthy bastard, man. His hands are magic. Pure David Blaine shit going on here. 


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