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Linkin Park Called The Cops On Sublime With Rome For Smoking Pot

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What in the world??? Is Linkin Park real life? Shouldn’t they just sing all their songs that all sound 100% the same and be on their way? Yes, Hybrid Theory was a banger, but is this what Linkin Park is doing now? Calling the cops on the fake but not fake Sublime? Interesting thought process by Linkin Park to claim they are allergic to weed. Such a hilarious thing to claim you have to kinda applaud it. Are they now the worst band of all time because of this move? To show up at a music festival and then call the cops on another band? How can you be in a band and not be cool with drugs? It goes against all things rock and roll. Is it really a thing that actually happened? It’s like calling the cops at a birthday party and claiming you’re allergic to cake. No cake for anyone, the white dude who screams really loud can’t handle it.