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Charles Barkley Has Thankfully Tested Negative For Coronavirus

I'll tell ya what, we could some good news when it comes to coronavirus. Every tweet seems to be some sort of bomb of a new famous person testing positive. With every new positive announcement I kept wondering about Chuck. It was over a week ago he was on TNT talking about how he had self quarantined because he wasn't feeling well

and since then it was radio silence. Not that he owed us anything one way or another, but the people care about Chuck and the silence had me a little concerned. I mean those test results take what, like 3 days? I wouldn't say Chuck is the opitome of health either so my brain started to assume the worst the longer we went without any update. I feel like I'm not alone when I say we as a society need Chuck as healthy as possible for the foreseeable future. He's basically a national treasure in my opinion. 

Every second there's a new story or a new tweet about this pandemic that is depressing as hell. Things are most definitely getting worse before they get better as we all continue to lose our minds with no sports so I'll take any positivity I can get. Now, que the motherfucking highlights!