Things Are Going Great In The Curry House During This Quarantine

At this point who even knows what day we're on with this quarantine shit. Could be Day 6, could be Day 12, could be Day 50. Everything is starting to blend together at this point and as you can expect people and NBA players are maybe starting to get a little stir crazy. Well we're at the point now where we have Steph taking a page out of his former teammates playbook and slamming back some wine through some sort of mask/cloth. Very Kevin Durant of him

I can only imagine how much whine Steph has to drink in order to maintain his sanity, we've seen him do his best with golf trick shots but that'll only work for so long. At some point you just say fuck it and start slamming wine to numb the pain. This could be any of us who are stuck in our homes with our significant other. Guy or girl. You don't think your gf or wife wants to drink herself into a coma having to deal with your ass? She does. So I commend Steph for taking the necessary safety precautions while still making sure he can get fucked up. He's already changed the game, maybe he'll change the quarantine drinking game forever too.

Now I'll admit, there's really only one reason I'm writing this blog. For newer stoolies that may have joined the pirate ship in just the last few years, you may not be aware of one of the funniest Barstool videos in existence. The second I saw this Curry clip it's where my brain went to, so start your Monday off with a nice laugh