Wake Up With Blake Lively And Anna Kendrick Making Out In The Movie A Simple Favor

Good morning! Last night I was scrolling through a few of my streaming services looking for a movie to fall asleep to as I do every night now that we don't have sports. I came across A Simple Favor on Hulu because ummm Blake Lively. Usually how this works is I start it around 1am, get really tired in 30 minutes and pass out. Well this movie is fucking insane and I couldn't help but stay wide awake until it ended. Absolute big time Hubbsy recommend to all out there losing their minds and looking for a good flick to pass the time. Nothing like thinking you've seen every movie and then stumbling upon an awesome mystery story like A Simple Favor.

Oh yeah Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick make out randomly in it too. Pretty dope. I wonder how many takes this took?

Fun fact: no one on Earth will ever dethrone Blake Lively atop my celeb crush rankings. I contemplated framing Gay Pat for a murder at the old office when I found out he didn't know who she was. One of the single craziest things ever said out loud in human history. 

There's no one's life I want more than Ryan Reynolds. I'd take out my entire blood line and 15 years off my life if it meant I could be with her. That's when you know as they say. 

I don't want this blog to be a slap in the face to Anna Kendrick at all because she's great, but Blake Lively is the queen.

Going to fuck around and watch Accepted tonight just to see her. Rocket. Ship.