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Davey Daytrader Will Be Live Streaming from Opening Bell To Final Bell For Duration of Quarantine

Ok so as many people know by now I have become a full time day trader. Once March Madness and life in general was cancelled, I needed something to pass my time. I was already down about 50% of my net worth since the stock market crashed and my plan was to daytrade my way back to the top. So I put 3 million into an etrade account and away I went. TO BE VERY CLEAR I have zero clue what I’m doing, I have no inside information, I wouldn’t recommend doing what I’m doing to anybody else, I’m not a financial expert and I’m just doing this to get my fix.

I’ve been doing it for about a week and I’m down 200K. Now obviously I know people are going to say I should just be donating the money to those who need it. Well duh. I’m trying to make money for everybody here. In fact I will donate 10% of my profit at the end of every month as long as this quarantine continues. If I lose all my money than Mr. Stock Market can donate it. And I’m sorry if you don’t like that method. That’s who I am. When at the track and I hit big I don’t tip the teller. I buy the teller a win ticket. That’s just who I am.

You can follow the stream on the Barstool Bets Youtube page starting at 9:30am daily. *****

***** Assuming All Business Pete doesn’t fuck it up