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Dude Apologizing For "Cheating" On Tinder Is The Most Embarrassing Facebook Post I've Ever Seen

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Does this apology get this guy laid?


First of all, I don’t even count Tinder sexting as cheating. That’s a little memo to all the girls who will never date me. Sexting with someone you’ve never met is just interactive porn. Would you get mad at your boyfriend for watching POV smut? No? Then you can’t get mad at him for sexting randoms. Same thing. There’s no emotion involved, just a couple horny kids with an iPhone sending each other some junk mail. All good as far as I’m concerned.


But, if you’re unlucky enough to date a prude who doesn’t understand that and dumps you over it, you can NEVER stoop this low. Legit the most embarrassing I’ve ever seen. I don’t care if it’s Taylor fucking Swift, I’m not doing this to get you back. It never, ever works. Best case scenario is she laughs at your stupid post and tells you to go to hell, worst case scenario is she does take you back then holds the “cheating” over your head and turns you into a lap dog for another 6 months before it ends for real. Either way, your friends will make fun of you for eternity. It’s an absolute lose-lose-lose situation and if you stoop this low to grovel for a girl then you’ve actually got something wrong with your head.




h/t Tmac