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How Does Former UK Coach Joe B. Hall Feel About Bobby Knight: 'I Wouldn't Piss Up His Ass If His Bowels Were On Fire'

[The Athletic] - Denying combustible coach Bob Knight a perfect season was the real thrill, after what his former friend had done to him. (Earmuffs, kids.)

“I wouldn’t piss up his ass if his bowels were on fire,” Hall says now.

Oh hell yeah. Joe B. Hall is one of the forgotten about great coaches. That's what happens when you're pretty much sandwiched between Rupp and Pitino at Kentucky. But Hall won a title. He helped turn Goose Givens into an All-American. More importantly he's more than willing to fuck Bobby Knight up, which is the key because fuck Bobby Knight. 

The best part is, well beating Indiana in the 1975 NCAA Tournament, but also the fact Hall/Knight were friends. That was until the notorious story of Bobby Knight losing his shit on the refs while up 25, Joe B. Hall being a smartass and Knight slapping him on the back. That led to a near brawl and ended Hall/Knight being friendly at all, which GOOD. Again, fuck Bobby Knight and I don't want my coaches to be friends with rivals. The only one that can is Cal with Pitino because Pitino literally can't beat him. 

But look at that quote again. That's pure hatred and just an A+ quote. It's creative as hell too. That's what I want to see. Oh Bobby Knight's bowels are on fire? I wouldn't even piss up his ass. That's like saying you hope someone stubs their toe in the middle of the night multiplied by 1,000. You just want the most harm possible to that person without saying it straight up. 

I love that Joe B. Hall didn't back down. During that game earlier in the season when there was almost a brawl, he said this about it: 

It got worse. After the game, an Indiana administrator asked Hall to make peace and walk off the court with Knight as a symbolic gesture.

“I sure will,” Hall remembers saying. “We’ll walk right over there behind those stands, where I will kick his fucking ass.”

About this time, Knight approached with a middle finger pointed skyward.

“Fuck you,” Hall remembers him saying. “Then he turned and ran off. That was just the end, totally, of our friendship. I said, ‘I’m through with him.’ ”

Love it. Be ready to fight at all times in 1974/1975. That's what Joe B. Hall was ready to do. Well that and win games. I also love that Joe B. Hall still fucking hates Bobby Knight. That's what I want. I know Indiana fans will bitch and moan about it, but hey there was a time you were actually relevant in basketball nationally. Sure, it was years before you were alive. But it actually happened! You were once good and not fighting and scraping to make the NCAA Tournament. But, just like always, Kentucky won. 

Long live Joe B. Hall. Fuck Bobby Knight always and forever. 


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