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NCAA Tournament Simulation: The Fan Fiction Blog About What Happens During Today's Round of 32 Games

So we don't have the NCAA Tournament. Well, at least not on our TV. But we have it here on Barstool. Thanks to WhatIfSports we have a website that will simulate these games for us. Every day that we're supposed to have games we'll have simulations for that round. Today we start with half of the second round, tomorrow we'll finish it up, etc. For the sake of simplicity I'm using Lunardi's bracket. 

Saturday March 21 - Round of 32 

Thursday First Round Games

Friday First Round Games

Before we get started, let's set the scene. It's Saturday morning. You wake up in a daze. Friday got away from us a bit. It's a marathon to get through these first four games - both betting, watching hoops, lack of sleep and drinking. But now we move on to the Round of 32. One of the most stressful moments. You're just praying your team will be playing next week. There's nothing worse than losing the first weekend. You need to get to the second weekend. Hit the music

No. 4 Louisville vs No. 5 Ohio State

And we start the day off with a snooze fest. Honestly, I'm shocked that Louisville blows out Ohio State. I had Ohio State winning this game. But, this is big for Chris Mack. Louisville fans want to win titles. You can't be losing in the second round. There are far too many shots of Bill Murray in the stands though. He's dressed in the old school Louisville shirt and a flannel. 

Winner: Louisville 85-69

No. 3 Seton Hall vs No. 6 BYU

And we got an upset early! Honestly, shocked here. Seton Hall was supposed to make a Final Four this year. This was the team that had destiny written all over them. However, they struggled down the stretch. Yeah, they won a share of the Big East for the first time since 1992, but now they lose in the Round of 32. How does this happen? Jake fucking Toolson. But really it's TJ Haws hitting another game winner. The dude has been around forever, naturally the ball is in his hands. A step back three at the buzzer for the win. 

Winner: BYU 84-81

No. 2 Creighton vs No. 7 Illinois 

Well, this sucks. I'm officially worried about Carl's health watching this. The man is losing his mind. He's consistently wearing a helmet. He's responsibly chugging Miller Lites. He has to watch the Bears. And now? His team gets their ass kicked by Creighton in the Round of 32. Good for Creighton though. I LOVED this team this year. I was ready to lose so much money betting on them in the NCAA Tournament. Ty-Shon Alexander is one of the most underrated players in the country. Marcus Zegarowski can really score. They shoot the shit out of the ball. They have a unique lineup running true small ball. 

Winner: Creighton 88-59

No. 4 Oregon vs No. 5 Michigan

A rematch from one of the best regular season games this season and it delivers again. Sure, Dave might be pissed that Michigan is out in the Round of 32, but they were so hit or miss this year. The thing with Michigan was it all depended on the health of Isiah Livers. But, this Oregon team? Yeah, they were going to be a popular Final Four pick and this game shows why. Peyton Pritchard is a unanimous All-American for a reason. He took it right at Zavier Simpson all game. 

Winner: Oregon 85-81

No. 2 Florida State vs No. 7 West Virginia 

Apparently everyone is scoring in this simulation. Who knew Glenny's strategy of betting overs every game would pay off. West Virginia wouldn't score 101 points for 2 games more often. But, here we are and you know what? They are now in the Sweet 16. Am I upset that FSU isn't advancing? Sure. But that means we get another week of Bobby Huggins in a pullover giving quotes. 

Winner: WVU 101-93

No. 2 Kentucky vs No. 10 Arizona State

Thank God for Immanuel Quickley. Oh you thought Kentucky and Coach Cal would lose in the round of 32? That's only happened once in his 10 years at Kentucky. He's made it to the second weekend 8 out of 10 years. Pretty, pretty good. He now makes it 9 out of 11. That EJ Montgomery line is hilarious too. 0 points, 10 rebounds, checks out. Real question is why did Quickley only play 27 minutes? That man needs to be playing 30+ every night. He's not a 3rd team All-American for no reason. 

Winner: Kentucky 72-66

No. 3 Villanova vs No. 6 Penn State 

With the real Tournament not happening, we're missing out on a guy like Saddiq Bey being a household name and lottery pick. The guy was already the sleeper first round pick that would end up All-NBA Rookie Team. He shows it in this fake, real game where he drops 24 and 10. He's the perfect Nova player, especially at the 4 spot. He can stretch the floor, he can rebound and he can attack off the bounce. This was about to be the Bey Tournament. 

Winner: Villanova 90-84

No. 1 Gonzaga vs No. 8 LSU

And down goes a No. 1! Down goes a No. 1! Gonzaga is the second No. 1 team to lose, which is about right the way this year went. That said, this is the worst thing that can happen because Twitter is filled with casual fans saying Gonzaga is a fraud program. They don't ever deserve being the No. 1 seed. They are morons. At the same time Will Wade, man. Sure he may have a documentary coming out that has him on wiretap talking about paying players (allegedly). Sure he may have missed last year's Tournament because of a suspension. But he just took a No. 8 seed LSU to the Sweet 16. 

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