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Wife of Big Time Investment Banker Says He Used To Close Deals By Making Her Bang Clients



NYPost - Christina Kelly says her investment-banker husband made her go the extra mile to help him land a client — pushing her into a partner-swap with the business honcho and his wild girlfriend. The mom of two revealed details of the kinky alleged hookup — and every drug binge, extramarital pool fling and sex encounter in between — in salacious Manhattan court papers targeting her husband, Jefferies & Co. wunderkind Sage Kelly. Christina Kelly alleges in nearly every page that her $7-million-a-year hubby is nothing but a coke- and Ecstasy-loving, booze-swilling, abusive spouse and dad who lives for seamy sex romps. Christina, 39, said her husband, 42, was trying to woo Aegerion Pharmaceuticals honcho Marc Beer the night she wound up having sex with Beer — and “sexual contact’’ with his prancing, big-breasted girlfriend, according to the papers. The former Ralph Lauren event planner said the sex jaunt occurred in a hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston in 2012 after a booze- and cocaine-fueled evening.


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