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Taking You Into The Weekend With The Top 50 Celtics Plays Of The Decade

Can I admit something to you guys? I feel like we're in the trust tree here with everyone in the same boat and I need to get something off my chest.

I miss the Boston Celtics.

We're on Day 9 without Celtics basketball and honestly it's been harder than I thought to get through this dark time. We experience breaks every summer but this feels different. I should be enjoying the stress of watching this team blow double digit leads and still finding a way to win. I should be looking at the Raptors schedule and seeing which games they might drop before the Celts play them H2H in the quest for the 2 seed. I should be cumming my pants every other night when Jayson Tatum does more cool shit. I should be getting lost in Brad's eyes and smile. But none of that can happen and that stinks. Stinks real bad. So, to send us off into the weekend I wanted to share something with you all that maybe you haven't seen. I watched it earlier today and I won't lie, for 19 minutes I remembered what it felt like to be happy. 

The top 50 plays from the last decade and boy what a decade it's been. Think of the roster turnover during this time period. We've lived through the end of the Big 3 era, convincing ourselves that Jeff Green would FINALLY be different on this team, trying to believe in Tyler Zeller with a straight face, the Isaiah Years, the certain PG he was traded for years, Kelly Olynyk's Game 7, the list goes on and on. So if you're like me this video will be a great jog down memory lane while also scratching your Celtics itch. 

Have a great weekend everybody and remember don't you dare go outside because we need NBA basketball back as soon as humanly possible.