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An Update On Bots Infiltrating The Barstool Best Bar Competition As We Head Into The Sweet 16

And. Here. We. GO. 

Welcome to the Sweet 16, folks. If last year was any indication, the Sweet 16 is when the Barstool Best Bar competition gets real.

If you do want to vote in this competition presented by Grubhub, please do so by tweeting #BarstoolBestBar as well as your bar specific hashtag listed below. Voting for the Sweet 16 ends Sunday (March 22nd) at 3 PM EST. 

WVUJoe Mama's#BarstoolJoeMamas
Ohio UStephen's#BarstoolStephens
MarylandRJ Bentley's#BarstoolRJB
RutgersScarlet Pub#BarstoolScarletPub
ECUSup Dogs#BarstoolSupDogs
South CarolinaPavlov's#BarstoolPavlovs
NC StatePlayers' Retreat#BarstoolPlayersRetreat
South Dakota StateThe Wild Hare#BarstoolWildHare
WazzuThe Coug#BarstoolCoug
North DakotaJoe Black's#BarstoolJoeBlacks
Michigan StateHarper's#BarstoolHarpers
Iowa StateAJ's#BarstoolAJs
KansasThe Wheel#BarstoolWheel

You may remember my last blog, where I talked about potential bots being used by Texas Tech:

Justice has prevailed, as Chimys lost in the round of 32 to Arkansas. Humans 1….Bots 0. So much for AI taking over the world amiright?

For those of you who are considering a way to game the system….don't. We are prepared to take out all bots thinking they can win this game. There is only ONE way that you can vote twice for your college's bar and that's by ordering Grubhub with your bars special code (listed below). Also, when you order on Grubhub with your school’s code for an additional vote and to receive $4 off your order of $12 or more. T&C’s apply. Visit grubhub.com/promoterms for more info. 

Last year's runner up was eliminated last round: Penn State's Champs. After taking over the internet with the Jonas Brothers, Penn State was upset by Sup Dogs. It was all good just a year ago:

A really disappointing follow up by Champs in year 2. 

Sup Dogs is still alive. So is Harper's from Michigan State, who was eliminated in a controversial overtime last year against Champ's in the Elite Eight. Harper's actually accused Barstool and Champ's colluding with Game Of Thrones and Sophie Turner:

Harper's famously dropped out of the competition to focus on Michigan State's Final Four run in the NCAA Tournament:

The good news for Harper's? Absolutely no distractions this year. Everyone is home. No excuses this year.