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Deli Employee Fired For Taking Pictures Of A Customer Who Was Breastfeeding


This is how you do breastfeeding

SOURCE – A Texas mother filed a police report after she caught a restaurant employee taking pictures of her while she breastfed her baby Thursday, authorities say. Jamie Gustafson, of San Antonio, sat in Jason’s Deli and was breastfeeding her two-month-old son when she discovered an employee taking photos of her. Gustafson told KENS 5 that she never had any issues nursing her son in public up until the incident. She said that her sister confronted the employee and told management, who responded quickly. The owners of the restaurant told KENS that the employee has been fired. The statement also decribed the company’s support of the right of woman to breastfeed their children. Gustafson told KENS that she is not upset with the company, but may not feel as comfortable as she breastfeeds in public in the future. ‘I’m nervous about it,’ Gustafson said. ‘I’ll probably bring a blanket, or a cover and take a little more heed in it, but I’m not going to take my kid to the bathroom to eat.’


Make up your fucking minds you nutjob breastfeeding crusaders. Is it totally natural and healthy and something to be proud of even though 52% of the world can do it (which logically means guys should be more proud that that we can jizz than women are that they can breastfeed), or do you want to be able to get offended when someone snaps pictures of you doing it? You can’t have it both ways. These broads know nobody wants to see them breastfeed and they choose to be fucking assholes who refuse to go somewhere private because god forbid they don’t sit right next to the soda machine as they bust out a tit.

They feel like making everyone uncomfortable who’s just trying to enjoy the 30-minute break they have from their miserable day to eat a shitty sandwich? Fine. Then move your arm and shift that baby, you self-centered dick, because I’m trying to get a little more areola in these shots! It sucks this guy got fired just for proving that point: the woman straight up said that she’ll try to cover up so that people don’t have to try to discreetly throw up in their bags of Baked Lay’s so mission accomplished if you ask me. If anything we should be giving the guy some kind of medal. Unless he was taking the pictures for sexual purposes in which case he’s a disgusting animal who should be drawn and quartered.