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Your Boy Putin Putting Himself In The Working Class Man's Shoes Behind The Counter At The Marker

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 5.32.07 AM




Genius move by Putin. Everyone hates you because you don’t give a fuck about democracy and are trying to steal the Ukraine? Slap on a Stop and Shop bib and show them that you’re just a man. Get your PR points up in the polls. We do that shit in America all the time, go stop by a farm and take a pic with a pitchfork and all of a sudden you’re a lovable common man. I can’t even hate Putin at all right now, he’s just a guy plugging away waiting for his time to punch out. Gotta respect that in a leader.



PS – Why work this shitty job if you’re this dude? Call up Putin and tell him you’ll be his body double. Or you’ll eat his food like serfs had to do for kings to make sure it wasn’t poisoned. Yeah you’ll probably die pretty quickly but at least you don’t have to work a cash register in Russia for the next 20 years. Kind of a win win.