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"Deadbeat Dad" Is Being Forced To Pay $30,000 In Child Support. Plot Twist: The Kid Isn't His, The State Knows That, And It Doesn't Matter



(Source)In child support cases, courts sometimes force people to pay back the government’s welfare contributions to a child, even in scenarios when the person being ordered to pay support is not actually the child’s parent. According to WXYZ-TV ABC 7 Detroit, Detroit man Carnell Alexander is facing that exact situation after an ex-girlfriend of his listed him as the father of her child on an application for welfare benefits. Despite the facts that a DNA test proved that he is not the father and his ex-girlfriend agrees that he should not have to pay support, the State of Michigan is ordering him to either pay back the nearly $30,000 worth of welfare contributions it paid to the child’s mother or go to jail.




I’m retiring from sex. Admittedly, my “retiring” from sex is comparable to Ryan Leaf’s “retiring” from football, but the sentiment remains: I’m out the game. Too dangerous nowadays. Not like back way back when, when you could have a little anonymous, unprotected sex then go on your way without having to worry about computer systems tracking you down decades later to pay your child support for the kid you didn’t sire. Can’t keep risking it. Between all the STDs, actual pregnancies, or fake kids that land you $30k in debt sex just isn’t worth it. Masturbation gets the job done, the journey is a little different but the destination is the same. And there are no dangers at all along the way.



PS – How bout the mom trying to come off like she feels bad and wants to do anything she can to help him get out of this situation? Ok, pay it. Or don’t write his name down on forms of paper that say he’s the father of your kid. Either way one is fine.