The Most Pathetic Play in History Takes All the Fun Out of Hating the Jets




I’ve made it clear I’ve been dreading the end of the Rex Ryan Error in New York, and I’m 100% serious when I say that.  As much as I enjoyed myself during the other failed attempts by the Jets to find a real coach – your Rich Kotites, Herm Edwards, Eric Mangina and other assorted dumpster fires – Rex’s time has been truly special to me.  He completes me.  And all my barking at him has been part of the fun.  Like the Joker said, I’ve just been a dog chasing his car.  I wouldn’t know what to do if I ever caught it.  And as much as it’s pained me to do so, I’ve never hesitated to admit that the man can coach.  That is, until now.  In a endless series of low points for the Jets, this goofy play from yesterday is their Marianas Trench.  You can argue the ButtFumble was worse, but that at least was an accident.  This was planned.  A whole staff of professional coaches designed, practiced and executed this white hot garbage.  So it’s reasonable to assume that they looked at the practice tape and said “You can’t even see TJ Graham because his shirt blends into the end zone!  He’s practically a ninja he’s so camouflaged!”  And don’t give me that “it worked when TCU tried it” horseshit.  Trick plays only work when you trick somebody Every man, woman and child in the stadium knew what was coming the second Graham laid down and no head coach worth my respect would’ve ever thought Buffalo wouldn’t be all over this like they were.

I expected more from Rex’ final days, I really did.  Some kind of fight.  Some degree of armed resistance.  Instead he’s just given up all semblance of dignity.  I’ll tell you what he reminds me of.  One year when I was a kid we had a really bad summer for Gypsy Moths.  Those furry little bastards were everywhere, and when you squished them they oozed green, snot-like slime.  It was the grossest thing ever.  Well one fat kid a grade below us would eat them for a dollar.  After a while though, it went from funny to sad and we all realized we were just encouraging this kid to live the life of a circus geek and we stopped paying him.  So he lowered his price to zero.  He started eating the hideous little buggers just for attention.  That’s what Rex Ryan has been reduced to.  Just pulling off ridiculous stunts like this because he’s lost whatever shred of dignity he once had.  I can forgive a lot of things, but not him just becoming pathetic. Goodbye, Shrex.  It’s over between us.  @JerryThornton1