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With All Due Respect To Jayson Tatum, Tacko Fall Is The Celtics True King Of TikTok

With NBA players trapped like the rest of us we're starting to see guys come out with more and more TikToks. It's a silly way to pass the time I suppose and yesterday Jayson Tatum made his debut with the video above. Outside of his name being BigDeuce0, it wasn't exactly his most shining moment. It pains me to say that because as we know Jayson Tatum is the future but I mean this ain't it. Much better at the whole playing basketball thing, as evident here

By pretty much every metric Jayson Tatum is the leader of this team. He's their #1 offensive option, arguably their best two play all around player, All Star, probably gonna be All NBA, the list goes on and on. However, there is a king when it comes to Celtics TikToks and it is not Jayson Tatum. That throne is currently being occupied by the one and only Tacko Fall. I mean he's only posted 2 TikToks so far and they are only about a billion times better than anything you've ever seen on that app

I mean what can't Tacko do? Dominate the G League? Check

Show that same level of dominance against real NBA competition? Check

And now he's dominating the TikTok game better than any NBA player out there. I would argue Tacko is the gift that keeps on giving when you really think about it. All he does is bring us joy, it's fantastic.

The future of the franchise may be in Jayson's hands, but let's leave Tik Tok to the professionals aka Tacko. Hopefully this serves as a wakeup call and Tatum spends his quarantine time in the gym and not trying to come up with better TikToks. That's Tacko's turf.