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I could have written this blog after the Pats’ opening drive but I didn’t out of respect for BigCat. Only need one word to sum up this game: domination. Last night I was thinking I’d take 3-3 from the Pats over the next 6 but now I’m thinking it’s 6-0 or bust. Yes this Bears team is hurting but it didn’t matter who was on the other side today, the Pats are clicking. Brady made us laugh thinking about that “QB controversy” and how he’s “done” after the Chiefs game. Gronk was unreal and is the most dominant player in the NFL when he’s healthy. Tim Wright has three touchdowns and Logan Mankins has zero so that’s pretty much the best trade ever. Browner has arrived. Revis plays as well as whoever he’s covering. It was a perfect football game. GIVE ME DENVER! GIVE THEM TO ME!



h/t Pete on the Vines again