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Adam Carriker Starts The Tony Romo (And NFC East) Trash Talking...Even Though He's Not On The Redskins Anymore

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I was so confused when I saw this. I was like oh snap, trash talking in May, I love it. Then I scratched my head and turned it slightly to the left, and was like hold the gosh darn phone, Adam Carriker isn’t even on the Redskins anymore. He’s not even on a team for Peter’s sake! And he’s still telling every NFC East QB to watch their ass cause the Carriktrain is rolling through. That’s either bad ass or kinda sad, I’m not sure which one at all. Is he a little kid who picks up a stick and makes light saber noises pretending he’s fighting Darth Vader, or is he actually an NFL lineman who will be sacking Tony Romo left and right until the cows come home? I really can’t tell what the fuck is going on. I thought I was done writing this blog but then I looked him up again, just to make sure I’m not taking crazy pills. All his bios say Redskins linemen but he’s definitely not, right? I’m so fucking confused. Maybe he thinks he’s Ryan Kerrigan? I know people get their names mixed up, so maybe he did too for a minute? It’s definitely possible. But I guess either way, I love the attitude from Carriker and want him back now.