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Support The Troops! Congratulate This Veteran And His Doll Wife On The Birth Of Their Doll Baby

Last week we put up the post above on our ZeroBlog30 Instagram account. I thought, "Oh, our social media guy Kyle added the words to a sex doll photo, lol." To sum it up, just a case of our everyday TTSP.

But as I looked at more of the comments it became apparent that the post was made in earnest before it got to us, and this doll was a bit infamous. People knew about her... Here's why:

From Popular Military:

'Terry' is frequently shown off and spoiled by his spouse, Stephanie, at their North Georgia home...

Stephanie’s social media page shows Terry being treated to gifts, home-cooked meals, and praise.

There’s only one problem: Stephanie is a life-sized doll, devoid of life or sentience.

Sporting giant breasts on an almost tiny-childlike frame, Stephanie’s backstory is that she was “saved” East from a life in China.

“I met Terry online and two weeks later I was out of tyranny away from my homeland China and in his arms on my way to becoming an American,” Stephanie “wrote” on Facebook.

East has been spotted with his “bride” in photos, accepting holiday gifts from her and even being seen “passed out” on the floor after a night of drinking.

On his forearm is the trademark Infantry “Follow Me” tattoo, the bayonet on a blue shield.

Stephanie has also recently “given birth” to a baby doll, adding to the family.

“His family and friends were even a part of it,” Kaylie W. claimed. “His mom was there for the ‘birth’ of the baby.”

Birth of the baby? 



Well ah, congratulations to this vet. And hey, bleeding heart Kate here… Yes, the whole thing made me tilt my head to the side & go, "WTF?!" but heyyy, all sorts of different folks with different vibes out there & ya never know what's happening in someone's mind. It's not like he's hurting anybody & goofy folks are the spice of life! You do you, Terry & Stephanie. Am sure you'll be, uh, great parents. 

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