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WBO Shortens Women's Fights Because Of Periods




SOURCE – The World Boxing Council, one of the four major organisations which sanctions championship boxing bouts, has decided to shorten women’s bouts… because of periods. In a statement published on its website, the Mexico City-based non-profit said its first World Female Convention decided to shorten championship bouts from 12 rounds to just 10. At the same time the WBC decided individual rounds should last no longer than two minutes, as opposed to the three-minute rounds of men’s competition. Menstruation was given as one of four key reasons why women’s boxing matches should not last as long as men’s, a list based on ‘several facts … reported during the convention which are of total concern.’ ‘A female fighter used to fight 10 x 2 which is 20 minutes, would need tremendous effort to adjust to 12 x 3 which is 36 minutes. ‘Menstrual cycle has tremendous impact on the body of a woman, including 12 hormones which act in the body system, creating radical changes in several areas. The organisation has come under fire online for failing to come up with any facts to back up its claims.



Ha! Classic chicks bleeding out of their vaginas and being worse at sports than men, amirite fellas? The WBC just telling it like it is: the only reason that women should be exerting themselves for 36 minutes is if they’re making a sandwich platter or giving a vigorous yet tender blowjob. Any reason other than that and their weird lady hormones start acting up and who knows what’ll happen; they’ll probably break down crying in the middle of the ring and slamming pints of Ben & Jerry’s and handfuls of Midol between rounds. God help us if any bears get a whiff of the menstruation. When you boil it down it’s a safety issue for the ladies having their little in-ring catfight and everyone in the crowd.

Now, is any of that based on science? No, but fuck science. Science is for nerds just like vacuuming is for broads. Leave the boxing to the men and the upstanding organizations like the WBC that run it. After all, it’s not like boxing organizations have made the wrong call at every turn for 20 years and strangled the life out of a once great sport to the point that the average guy barely cares about one fight a year. With a track record like that, I don’t need facts to know they’re making the right call.


PS: Thanks for the material WBC, but let’s go back to pretending periods don’t exist now, k?