We Have Conflicting Reports On How Hank Really Sliced His Finger Off Yesterday...Both Given By Hank

[kaltura-video id=1267]

We had lots of tweets and emails about this.  Hank giving 2 radically different accounts of how the Drone actually sliced his finger off.   Version #1 was that the Drone landed and he thought it was off and when he picked it up the propellers started again and cut his finger off.  Version #2 is that he tried to catch it out of midair.   Since Hank is the only witness to what happened it’s hard to tell who is lying here. Luckily the drone was videotaping it all.

Let’s go to the tape!

So Hank #2 is a liar.  That must be the Frannie Lydon part of Hank’s brain doing the talking.   Although in Hanks defense he is now saying he was in shock yesterday so maybe that explains it.  Either way it’s just the Hank Life on full display.   He’s 99% sure it happened one of these ways.

PS – I thought the best tweet of the day yesterday was that Hank produces so much content it would make Buzzfeed blush.  It’s true.  He’s a walking blog.