The Story About The Voicemail That Turned Into The NBA Theme Song

My memories of John Tesh are fuzzy other than I remember my dad thinks he's a huge pussy. Real product of a career in the 80's kind of stuff mixed with the Christian Rock vibe. It just doesn't slap that hard. But then I learn that he's the legend behind the NBA on NBC theme and I start to garner a fraction of a percent of respect. I can't help myself. Sorry, Dad. 

 "Roundball Rock" plays so goddamn hard even now in 2020. Easily the best theme song and that includes NCAA Football on CBS, Monday Night Football, One Shining Moment, whatever the fucking sport or occasion, NBA on NBC is the GOAT when it comes to jingles. The fact John Tesh came up with it on his voicemail machine after a couple dry chardonnays makes it that much better.