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Best Breakfast Recipe: Gordon Ramsay's Scrambled Eggs

This is now the only way I make scrambled eggs.

A few years back I finally decided to make the eggs, based on one of the most popular recipes on the internet from my favorite TV personality. They are the creamiest, tastiest fucking eggs, or breakfast dish, I have ever had. You'll never be able to look at regular trash-ass scrambled eggs the same ever again. Here is the recipe broken down...

- 3 eggs
- 2 tablespoon butter
- 1 slice of sourdough bread (any bread can work, just not as well)
- Chopped up chives
- 1 tablespoon of crème fraîche (easy to find), OR goat cheese, OR sour cream (not as good, IMO)

1. Add three eggs unseasoned to a pan (off heat)
2. Add 2 tablespoon of butter (good cut of it)
3. Place pan onto generous heat, do not whisk beforehand
4. Continuously stir with a spatula (do not stop stirring!)
5. Alternate on and off the heat (3-4 times), making sure eggs stay fluffy
6. Remove the pan from the stove, add 1 tablespoon of crème fraîche
7. Add salt and pepper
8. Add chopped up chives
9. Mix together
10. Server over a piece of toasted sourdough bread (Whole Foods make a solid loaf)

BOOM. Best eggs you'll ever have! The chives bring it to a whole different level. You can also add tomatoes and mushrooms, something I did but didn't do to perfection...

...and despite the compliments, Gordon Ramsay let me know when I had the chance to meet him.

He's one of the nicest celebrities out there, we talked about cooking for a few minutes after and I got some amazing pointers.

A few other people have videos on YouTube replicating his style. The amazing Binging With Babish (good luck not falling down a rabbit hole on that channel) has a whole video based on eggs…

…and our own Chef Donny has a tutorial as well that focuses on the fact the secret is the motion in which you stir the eggs and how you use the heat…

Donny shows that even if you don't wanna go through the process of all the ingredients like Ramsay, you should still implement the techniques to make sure you don't go back to those tired, dry scrambled eggs of the past.

Because the recipe is so popular, Ramsay usually makes them when he makes talk show appearances, and the results are always funny (especially on Hot Ones, which is one of that show's best episodes)…

Breakfast can be tough in the morning during the workweek, but with quarantine in place and everyone working from home, I highly suggest elevating your breakfasts to start the day. Enjoy. (Bon Appetit? I think that's what we say…)