I Demand Someone At CBS Sports Be Fired For This Tom Brady/Toy Story Video

Calling for someone's job, their livelihood, the very thing they use to put food on their family's table, is a serious thing and I don't take it lightly at all. I'm not one to demand a scalp over every little misstep on twitter just because I was a little offended. 

But this video doesn't offend me a little, it offends me GREATLY. It's like I'd lost a loved one, and I'd been handling it ok, but I stumbled upon a picture or a possession that just fuckin' broke me and shattered me into a million pieces. The emotions came storming out of me like a Tom Brady far endzone fist pump. It's hitting me that my childhood favorite thing and all my memories are no longer just for me, I have to share them with a little twerp who will never understand what it really means to me AND I DON'T WANT TO SHARE IT.

So for that, I demand a firing. I want their livelihood. I want their family's table to be barren, and when their children ask, "papa or mama, where's all the food?" they will hang their heads in shame and simply utter, "A Tom Brady meme that went too far."