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I've Fallen In Love This Quarantine And It's With These Pork Belly Burnt Ends From Meat Church

A lot of folks will say that brisket burnt ends are the best bite in barbecue. Which--for the most part--is a true and factual statement. It's delicious, it's succulent, and it's a piece of meat candy. The thing that makes brisket burnt ends so goddamn amazing is that they come from the point (fattier muscle) so they've got all that flavor and all that tender juiciness. Then when you cube them up and toss them back on the smoker to caramelize, they get that crunch that almost makes it like you're biting into a beef version of those Ferraro Rocher chocolates. To explain it in 3 words or less, it's just fucking amazing. 

Now pork belly burnt ends are like if you took brisket burnt ends and put them on crack. ("I love when people say 'like crack' when they've obviously never done crack" - Ryan The Temp). Pork belly is where bacon comes from before its cured and sliced. So anyway, pork belly burnt ends are pretty much if you took the meat candy of brisket burnt ends and they had a baby with bacon. Is that arousing enough for you? 

And as if pork belly burnt ends on their own weren't arousing enough, things get even steamier when you've got Matt Pittman from Meat Church getting them going. 

Matt is an absolute flavor god. Not an ad or anything but I would eat the Meat Church rubs with a spoon if it were socially acceptable. It's definitely more competition style than just the typical salt & pepper, but the thing about competition bbq is that its all about flavor. It just hits different. And he can also crush a cook with just a salt & pepper based rub, too, because he's a rockstar like that. 

Only thing that sucks is that he's a Cowboys fan. But yeah. Now I'm just going to be spending the rest of my day drooling over these pork belly nuggets and to be perfectly honest, there aren't many better ways to spend a Friday anyway. Quarantined or not. 

P.S. - If you noticed in the recipe, he's using Meat Mitch Whomp sauce. Which also just so happens to be the same sauce that got George Brett tossed from Barstool HQ.