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Now Playing: The Full Game Of Florida Gulf Coast Becoming Dunk City And Beating No. 2 Georgetown In 2013's First Round

We're trying to get through it. Some may not want to watch hoops on a day like today, but I refuse to do that. Every day that we should have NCAA Tournament games, I'll find a full video of a game to put on. First round games will get past first round games, Sweet 16, etc. Hell, I might do more than one per day just to scratch the itch. 

There might not be a more beloved Cinderella team than Florida Gulf Coast. They were so damn fun. You don't get the nickname Dunk City for no reason. Not only that but they just controlled the game and got to the Sweet 16! They were also the first 15 seed to make the Sweet 16.

But this was all about how they arrived. Think about this for a second. FGCU didn't have a basketball team until 2002. Hell, they weren't even a school until 1991. For them to make the Sweet 16 is arguably the biggest surprise out of anything we've seen in the NCAA Tournament. They were led by Brett Comer (one of the best passers of the last decade), Sherwood Brown, Bernard Thompson and Chase Fieler. Oh, they could also do this: 

The crazier thing is they followed up that Georgetown upset by just controlling the game against San Diego State! That's typically the most letdown spot of all letdown spots. Long live Dunk City.