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I Went Live On The 18th Hole At Pinehurst No. 2 and The Impossible Happened

Earlier this week I fled to North Carolina. The situation was getting worse and worse in New York, with the number of cases rising rapidly and a citywide shutdown becoming increasingly likely. I figured if there's one place I'd want to be locked down, it'd be Pinehurst.

So I'm here. I'm walking to and from the courses, playing alone, not touching any pins or rakes, and keeping my distance. Oh and I'm also filming myself. Yesterday I played Pinehurst no. 2 -- Donald Ross' masterpiece and host of three U.S. Opens, with a fourth coming in 2024 -- and set my over/under at 84.5. I played from 6,961 yards and I'm not very good so breaking 85 would feel like a win.

I took action with 8 Stoolies for $25 each. After a gutsy 44 on the front, I strung together a few pars to get to the 18th tee at 12-over. Par 72. Par or better on the 18th to win, so I went live. 

(Didn't realize selfie IG live mode mirrors you so I appear left-handed. Also to fit this on Twitter we trimmed a few minutes out of the full live stream)

What happened next is impossible for many of us to fathom: