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Losing Boxer Knocks Out Ref



YoutubeVido Loncar of Croatia and Algirdas Baniulis of Lithuania were in a match at the European Youth Boxing Championships in Zagreb, Croatia when the referee stopped the fight. After the match, Loncar attacked the referee viciously before the decision was announced.



How about the guy who won the fight?  The guy from Lithuania?  Way to step up and be a hero dude.   For sure not.   Guy couldn’t get out of the ring fast enough.  I don’t know if that is better or worse than his manager who just sat on the apron and watched like it was round 4 or something.   And how about the Croatian dude’s corner?  They seemed totally disinterested.  Seriously somebody may want to break this up.





PS – I need to see footage of what happened to the guy after he got dragged out of the ring?  I assume he got the shit beat out of him?