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Washington Paraglider Rescued After Flying Directly Into Wall Of... Poo Poo

Sometimes Poo Poo comes at you fast. 

Poo Poo Point that is. heh.  heh.

Any sort of paragliding mishap has to be absolutely terrifying and I'm glad the man is safe and will be able to make a recovery. Big shout out to the first responders from Eastside Fire & Rescue on that one because it had to have been tricky.

That being said, I grabbed for this low-hanging Poo Poo blog fruit real quick like the shameless pun-hack I am. Any little turd of non-coronavirus news is a hot commodity right now and you've gotta push as hard as you can to dump a unique story that doesn't stink. 

Apparently 'Poo Poo Point' is thusly named because of the sound the train whistle made in the olden days of logging in that area. I would have gone with Choo Choo Point but, hey, what do I know. Also, I hope the man who crashed has good friends & family around him as he recoups, and I also hope they're the kind to goof with him about flying into a cliff wall at Poo Poo Point. If that had been me I'd never live it down. 

I've never had the guts to go hang-gliding myself but I'll never forget when Chaps & I went to San Francisco & he had the cajones to actually go for it. This is probably one of my favorite videos we've ever made:

**The real story is that we were driving up the West coast on a work trip & stopped at Fort Funston in San Francisco since we're a military podcast & it sounded like a Fun(ston) old military fort. As soon as we got out of the car we saw this guy getting ready to hang-glide. He didn't want to be interviewed but said we could film him if we wanted, so Chaps stood behind the camera with his mic & I just ad-libbed like a news reporter. The whole thing was spur of the moment, done in one take (not that we could have a do-over) & it still makes me laugh every time I watch it. 

"It's beauuuuutiful!"