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The Bron Bron Beats By Dre Commerical Is the Most Nauseating Commercial In the History of Mankind



I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the most disgusting, vile, vomit inducing thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I literally threw up in my mouth and then swallowed it on purpose so I could have a non stop flow of puke to do it justice. Listen like I’ve said from day one. Bron Bron didn’t go back to Cleveland because he truly feels bad about what he did or cares about the city. It’s all him being the lead story on Sportscenter. It’s all about what he thinks the headlines will read. It’s all about him trying to act like Jesus or a Savior instead of the traitor.  “Hey look at me save the  same city I emasculated a couple years ago! What a great guy I am.” It’s so  we can watch endless “Lebron Saves Cleveland” stories. So he can make sappy commercials like these. That’s why he’s going back to Cleveland and this proves it. The fact that he actually is thinks people are dumb enough to buy it is what’s most infuriating. He thinks we’re that stupid.  Or it’s he possibly really thinks he is Jesus.  It’s one or the other.