This All-Time ACC Players Bracket Is an Absolute Sham

I appreciate the ACC trying to give the people some college basketball bracket content on what should have been the first day of the NCAA Tournament. The conference's official men's basketball Twitter account shared a bracket of the — supposed — 64 best players in conference history. However, the bracket is a joke. But I'm actually sort of glad it is, because it gives us something to talk about.

So obviously the biggest problem lies in the "current ACC schools" qualifier, so they could cheat and include players who played in the Big East. Carmelo Anthony did not play in the ACC. But I get why they put that in there, so whatever.

Now on to the players. How in the world is there a bracket of the 64 best ACC players of all-time that includes Dejuan Blair but not 2002 National Player of the Year Jay Williams? They limited each school to a maximum of six players, but Williams should have easily been one of Duke's six.

Next, how about the disrespect to Georgia Tech? Dennis Scott and Kenny Anderson as 9- and 10-seeds, respectively, is bordering on a joke. Those two along with Brian Oliver made up Lethal Weapon Three, one of the greatest college basketball teams of all time — look up 1990 Georgia Tech, kids. And then Mark Price as a 9-seed? Simply an affront to justice and the legacy of Bobby Cremins.

Anyway, for my picks, I have Tim Duncan out of the Greensboro Region, Michael Jordan out of the Brooklyn Region, Kenny Anderson in the big upset coming out of the Charlotte Region and Tyler Hansbrough out of the D.C. Region — let me also say here that the ACC Tournament should never be held anywhere other than Greensboro, North Carolina and even having a "Brooklyn Region" in something like this is a disgrace to the memory of ACC basketball.

In the Duncan-Anderson matchup, I have to go with my guy Kenny. When you have flash like that going up against The Big Fundamental, I'm going with the more fun guy to watch. And then I'm actually going to take Tyler Hansbrough over MJ. I obviously didn't see Jordan play in college, but Hansbrough is possibly the best college player I've seen in my lifetime. And then since we've advanced Kenny Anderson this far, let's just right the wrong of having him be a 10-seed and say he wins the whole thing.

Man, I miss college basketball. Please come back soon.

Who wins your bracket?