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Genie Bouchard Said She Wants a Boyfriend to Quarantine With and it's a Thirst Trap Tsunami on Twitter Right Now

Oh, Genie Bouchard, you international treasure. You Canadian warrior goddess. Sweeter than maple syrup and smoother than a newly Zambonied curling rink. Dominating the social media in the Covid-19 crisis like you dominate on the court. (Probably. I have no idea what your record is but I'm sure it's terrific.) You understand fully that in this time of isolation and washing our hands down to the metacarpals, what men need right now is hope. You lit the beacon. And predictably got the answer you expected. 

And men who'd otherwise be glued to dire warnings on cable news or driving themselves and their roommates slowly insane had their minds taken off their troubles for just a few precious moments. And opened up the spigots of charm.

You get the point. Multiply that by a thousand, and that's pretty much the response she got from this bomb she dropped. It's refreshing to know romance is not dead. This isn't going to do much for social distancing, but at least there are thousands of Genie followers whose hands aren't touching their faces. Bless her heart. Because this is what we need right now. The thing that will get us through this crisis. The completely improbable but not entirely impossible notion that a worldwide pandemic might give you a shot with Genie Bouchard. In a worst case scenario, leave you and her to have to help repopulate the world. It's not much, but it's what we can use a little more of right now. Thank you for your service.