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The Dumbest Gameday Show On Earth Is Live From Tallahassee Tomorrow. Tweet Your Questions To @barstoolgameday

Their Gameday



Vs. Barstool Gameday




So word on the street is everybody at FSU hates ESPN.  They want to boycott Gameday.  Well great news people.   You now have an alternative.   Barstool Gameday – AKA The Dumbest Gameday Show on Earth is coming to Tally.   Yup Bigcat, Myself and Christina will be live at Delta Tau Delta tomorrow morning with Hank on the 1’s and 2’s.   (Kidding about the Hank part. We hired a real crew to film this)   Safe to say college football Gameday shows will never be the same.    Barstool vs. the World.

PS – We’re replacing voicemails with tweets.   We’re gonna pick a couple to answer on the show.  Ask us anything.  College football, life, Christina questions etc.   Tweet em @barstoolgameday


Special thanks to Dumb and Dumber To (In Theaters 11/14) for sponsoring the show and helping make this Gameday Tour happen.   We’ll be at Florida State tomorrow. The Ohio State on 11/1 and Arizona State on 11/8.  We’re still looking for shooting locations for Ohio State and ASU.  Send emails to tips@barstoolsports if you want to use the Dumbest Gameday Show on Earth.