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Baby Stephen A Smith Is The Hero We Need Right Now

Remember back in May when the whole baby filter was a thing? People were obsessed and honestly the videos were surprisingly funny. That was especially true when it came to Stephen A Smith being turned into a child


Maybe it's my simple brain, but I laugh every time I watch those. It's stupid but there is just something about watching a little Stephen A lose his shit that just does it for me. Which is why yesterday when the GOAT dropped another 2 minute video my heart filled with joy. Times are tough and are only going to be getting tougher for the foreseeable future. I dunno about you but I am burning through my Netflix and shit at an alarming rate. Quarantine snacks are running more and more on fumes with each passing day. I needed this video. No, we ALL needed this video just to bring a couple laughs to our lives. Child Michael Irvin? Fantastic. Some Grade A baby Stephen A rants? Check. I'm not going to go as far to say this is one of the greatest videos ever to hit the internet because that's probably the quarantine talking, but if you need something to lift your spirits today then this should do the trick.

I know Stephen A just signed that massive new deal at ESPN, but it might be time to rip that one up and double it. It'd be great if they taped the show beforehand and then just aired this version on TV. I don't really know the logistics on how that could happen, I just know if we're all going to be stuck watching these talking head shows with no sports on at least give us baby Stephen A on the regular.