Does This Look Like the Face of A Man Arrested For “Aggressive Mopping”



BRISTOL, CT (WFSB)A hotel employee pressed charges against a man for what police called “aggressive mopping.” Officers in Bristol said they were called to the Double Tree Hotel on Century Drive just before 6:30 p.m. on Monday.John Thornton, 30, of Southington, was arrested for the incident. Police said Thornton became unruly at the hotel and grabbed a mop from a 27-year-old female employee. They said he then began to mop the floor, but became more aggressive and mopped over the employee’s shoes several times.The woman allegedly told Thornton to stop, but he turned his back on her and forcibly backed her into a corner.

Can I be serious for a second? No joke I bet this was scary as fuck. Like I’m a grown ass man and if somebody grabbed my mop and started aggressively mopping right in my face and then started mopping my shoes I’d shit myself. That’s next level crazy. Like I’m just picturing this guy mopping with a maniacal laugh freaking people out. Aggressive mopping is no joke even though it’s a big time joke. Aggressive mopping to the max. Power move/insanity city.