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Last Night HISTORY Was Made

Last night was one of the hardest/most satisfying night of my life. The shot had to be perfect in order to get in this stupid little cup and at one point I thought it was actually impossible. I had to take 7 time outs for my phone dying and my back giving out. The funniest part about all of this is that my motha was sleeping the whole time and she just had to hear ping pong balls bouncing all night. 

We had a steady 1.5k stoolies with me the entire 5 hours so thank you for staying with me because I would have lost my mind even more. The real ones will remember #806 for the rest of our lives but shoutout to Rone, Jeff D and Buddha Ben. Ben got in the live stream around attempt 940 just asking what I was doing. His first question in the most genuine way was Marty have you hit one yet? You ducking think I hit one yet Ben!? With the clutch gene, mental toughness and skill number 977 was the winner. When that ball went in it was one of the biggest rushes I have ever had. Be on the look out for another challenge today and thanks for sticking with me last night.