The Price is Right Live Blog, Day 2

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn't want this to happen. He's talking Coronavirus again. I'll give it 15 minutes and see what happens.

Right now, somewhere in America, someone is watching four over-enthusiastic tourists clumsily running down to contestant row. Whatever. My wife just delivered a plate full of bacon.

11:12: Cuomo is standing up. Press conference is over. Let's see if they fill this with some bullshit local ne.......NOPE. We're back. And immediately I see a contestant taking the stage to play for a NEW CARRRRRR! She's playing for a sporty looking Honda Octogenarian. The cars this show gives away are some of the worst achievements in society. This car is maybe 4 feet tall and possibly room for one moderately sized woman. She thinks the car is worth $17,248. The game is One Away. It's the game where she asks for sound effects to tell her if she's right. 

I never got her name. She has a very long name and her name tag is covered by her long hair. I dreamed last night that I went to Ray's Rent a Movie in my hometown and the floor was covered in snakes. Does this mean anything? Ray's closed in 1994.

Do I have at least One number right? HORN

Do I have at least two numbers right? HORN. Fuck yeah.

Do I have at least three numbers right: HORN up in this bitch.

Do I have at least four numbers right? No horn. Ok. We'll be ok.

She changes the 8 to a 6 and the 2 to a 0. And she lost. Sad horns. Drew seems slightly less defeated today. He has a snappy maroon tie on. We're going straight to the big wheel after this.

11:20: Next week is Mash-Up week, with Let's Make a Deal and Price is Right joining forces. My God. I am so here for that.

Simrath is her name. And she spins first. She spins so hard she falls ass first into the big wheel support stand. The big wheel doesn't give a shit.

She spins $95 in two spins. She's gonna be tough to beat.

Regina from Little Rock immediately spins .95 and there's fuckin chaos in the streets.

Maurice, dressed like an Old Navy model from 2002, steps up. I think he's from California. He's seriously dressed like Rosie the Riveter. He's out.

We have a tie between Simrath and Regina. Simrath up first. She spins 70 and doesn't nearly kill herself. Progress.

Regina spins 20 and Simrath has done it. Simrath has done it!. I might have spoken too soon on Drew. He says more Price is Right coming up with so little excitement I'm certain he's scheduled for a colonoscopy in the next 30 minutes.

11:25: What do you think Drew Carey's net worth is? He's been on TV for at least 25 years. I say $75 million. I'll look later. We're back. 

It's Irma, who's sitting front row. Thank God. Because she's busting out of her shirt and running down that ramp might've killed somebody.

We're bidding on a drone. Irma goes $950. Bryan goes $1299. Steven says 700. Samantha bids 951. Bitch. I hate when people do that.

DING DING. Somebody hit it exactly and wins a bonus $500. It's Steven. He hit with 700. He's wearing a pink shirt that says "Keep talking, I'm diagnosing you." He's a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Is that real?

Steven is playing for a vacation to beautiful British Columbia. It's beautiful there. Still, I think I'd always want a beach involved in my second-class game show vacation. And Drew even says this is a round trip, coach ticket to BC. 

Steven is playing side by side. He has to arrange the price, and he got it right. Steven, the pink-shirted nurse practitioner is taking his ass to British Columbia.

Drew's patience is done. He's now sitting cross-legged and loading a revolver while Steven prances around thinking of all the Horton's he's gonna house near the Vancouver airport.


CBS News special report.

We're gonna get a press conference from the president about an FDA announcement regarding the coronavirus.

11:36: I swear to God, even if it kills us all, I will complete one of these Price is Right live blogs.

11:38: According to Google, Drew Carey's net worth is $160 million. Cheese and rice.

11:43: Trump is talking about clinical trials or something. Should I do a Judge Judy live blog?