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Wasted Chick Doing The "I'm On A Shitload Of Drugs"/Zombie Walk All Over Worcester



Ypu know who really stuck out for me in the vid? Not the crackhead chick, that’s par for the course from Worcester. It’s the dude filming/narrating. I mean did you hear him say “In my day they’d put you in the drunk tank, wouldn’t leave you our here like this.” Well, yeah dude. In your day I’m sure dickheads didn’t sit down the street and film you with their cellphone to put on YouTube. That’s the difference there. If cops saw this chick they’d take her in, that’s their job, but someone needs to call them. Can’t just sit there like “I remember when people used to care about people and wouldn’t leave you out here to get hurt like this. There was a time when people were decent, when they cared about other huma– Oh upload is complete! Now let’s see if this video of the crackwhore goes viral!”


h/t Andy