So Now We're Just Assuming Anybody Who Gets Sick On A Plane Has Ebola?


NECN – Five passengers with flu-like symptoms on board an international flight to Boston’s Logan International Airport have been taken to hospitals, a Massport official confirmed. The U.S. Customs and Border Protections said none of these five passengers on Emirates Flight 237 has traveled to West Africa recently. According to an Emirates spokesperson, the passengers were traveling from Dubai when they reported flu-like symptoms during the flight and the crew alerted Boston authorities as a precaution; the affected passengers were taken for medical check-ups when the plane was met by emergency crews after it landed. One woman who said she was in front of the sick passengers said she believes they were all part of a family.

So this is what we’ve been reduced to now? Anybody who gets the flu when they fly gets the hazmat suit treatment? I mean it’s one thing if you’re coming from Liberia but these people weren’t even close to there. Like oh my god an entire family was sick on a plane! They got the flu! How can that happen! Newsflash I get sick pretty much every single time I fly. I take Airborne, coldies, wear SARS masks etc. Still get sick. Everybody coughing and sneezing and breathing and shit. You don’t see me freaking my ass out do you? I’m not gonna go put myself into quarantine and let Ebola run my life. You can take those hazemat suits and shove em up your ass. Hey Ebola I’m calling your ass out. You don’t have the balls to attack this immune system. Not everybody is cowering in fear. Common cold all up in this bitch.