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Skip Bayless Telling It Like It Is: Tom Brady Is Too Big A Man To Resort To Trick Plays








Preachhhhhh! Nail on the head, Skip. Bayless gets a lot of shit for being a troll and saying things just to get a rise out of people, but that reputation comes back to haunt him when he makes sound, legitimate arguments like this one. Should we be impressed with Aaron Rodgers’ fake spike to set up the game winning touchdown with moments left on the clock? Nope. Not at all. Tom Brady wouldn’t pull that kind of bullshit because he respects the game too much for a trick play. In that situation TB12 would take the loss like a real man. He didn’t work his whole life honoring football to throw that out the window on a fake spike in October. Tom has dignity and pays tribute to the game by playing it the way it was meant to be played. Hell, he only started throwing forward passes once Belichick brainwashed him back in 2001. Proud to call a man with that much appreciation for history my quarterback.