Poor Buffalo


I don’t hate Buffalo. I pity Buffalo. How could you not? It’s so cute how excited they get to play us. How they always think they have a chance. How they always think this time will be different. How this will finally be the time they are ready to rise to the top of the AFC East. And then we roll into town rip their hearts out and force feed em back down their throats. I honestly don’t know how they do it. How they manage to get up time and time again only to be beaten back into submission. There is something honorable about it to be honest. Poor Buffalo indeed. Especially poor when they cut it to 8 and had us at 3rd and 16 only to have Brady complete a 17 yard pass to Gronk and then a 50 yard TD 3 plays later.


PS – If a 9.7 earthquake happens and nobody feels it does it count?   That ball literally took a chunk out of the moon.