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How Did All These Celebrities Think A Video Singing John Lennon's "Imagine" Was A Good Idea?

First of all, I'm up because time isn't a construct anymore, it's not even a concept. I've been in my apartment for like six days and I'm just falling asleep at random times then waking up at more random ones. I'm basically Kramer taking mini-naps constantly, waking up at 11:30 PM thinking it's 11:30 AM, realizing it's not, eating a bowl of soup, watching TV, and scrolling Twitter to see an unnecessary amount of corona data that gives me the panic attack I need to carry on without coffee. I'm loving it.

Anyway, I don't want to clown these people TOO harshly, as I actually like a lot of them and understand everyone is doing what they can to stay sane and maybe entertain a bit. But, like, you're not John Legend (I know that's a different person than John Lennon, Legend did a concert last night that everyone loved)? You guys don't sing. At least I don't think you do, the guest list for this video is particularly bizarre. Some are mega celebrities and others I'm pretty sure accidentally joined a Zoom stream and just got plopped in here? 

Sadly, I think we're going to see a lot more videos like this as celebrities get more and more used to not having their PR people around. Any other time some early 20 somethings blonde girl would be sitting in the corner and would look up from her phone, annoyed, and say, "Maybe don't?" when the idea was floated about a group a cappella video. "Yeah I don't think folks are gonna love seeing your massive houses and yards while they're cooped up in their tiny apartments," she'd mumble, without even bothering to stop typing the text she was sending about how dumb Jimmy Fallon is being right now. They'd try to explain to Jimmy that the cool part of the viral balcony videos are the organic aspect of them and how they show regular folks coming together, two things this video lacks, but he'd kinda interrupt and laugh over them and the whole thing would become a mess and they'd just forget what they were talking about in the first place.

Celebrities need their handlers because being a celebrity is like being drunk, life is awesome and in your mind everything you do is great. But that's why you always need that friend around who simply delivers a sobering, "... you sure?" even if sometimes you need to pay that friend. You sure you want that tattoo? You sure you wanna fight this guy? You sure you want to sing "Imagine" in your bathroom mirror in a weird mashup video with Natalie Portman? It's nice to have that double check person around we're entering a time where they're not gonna be. Brace yourselves.